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What is there on the forum?

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What is there on the forum?  Empty What is there on the forum?

Post by logo1960. Tue 25 Nov - 17:44:17

When you join our forum there is a wealth of information regarding the Tv series/books and also watch the series.

Introduce yourself
Welcome to The Outlander forum, This is a forum introduce yourselves to the rest of us.

Board Announcements and Help Threads
Updates and guidelines will be posted here. Also if if you are new and/or need help finding your way round the board pop in here.


Who are we? photos
We all like to know who we are chatting with, well some do, post your photos here. have a giggle.

Share your holiday and family snaps
Do you have a Photo Bucket, Flicker or similar account? Share your personal photos, holidays, events,

Chat in the Cafe
An area where you can chat and post what ever you like, life, hopes, fears, future, holidays, or just have a rant; you never know, you could make a new friend for life.

The Forum's Kitchen
A new area dedicated to cooking.

Photos of Scotland
Please feel free to share you photo of Scotland, or any that you have found on the web, it could help other looking for holidays in Scotland.

Holidaying in Scotland
Are you or would you like to plan a holiday to Scotland? please share your experiences suggestions on places to stay or visit. you never know, you could be there at the same time as another member and plan to meet.

This is the place to play games like first letter last letter, name games, place train, last letter first letter etc. Please be aware Games with Outlander in the title may contain spoilers.

Original Writing Section
Are you a budding author? Want to try and write a short story for us to read and enjoy? Here is the place to post. Note this is not a fan fiction forum. Original material/ characters only please.

Episodes 1-8
Discus the episode from the show.

Discuss The Show
This is the place to discuss anything about the show. Please be aware this section will contain spoilers

Competitions, Quiz and Polls
This is where we have competitions, quizzes and Polls, both originated from this forum and from links to other web pages. This area will contain spoilers.

music from the series
If you want to know what the music is from the series this maybe a good place to start. Please be aware this section may contain spoilers :-)

Clips and trailer
General clips and trailers for Outlander. Please be aware this section will contain spoilers

Sam Heughan (Jamie) Clips
A forum to post your clips of Sam Heughan. This section will contain spoilers.

Help with translation
Help with the language translation in the TV show. Please be aware this section will contain spoilers

Discuss the books. a place to ask questions out the Outlander Books. Please be aware this section will contain spoilers.

Discuss the Author Diana Gabaldon
Discuss here Diana Gabaldon. This section will contain spoilers.
Moderators: Sternenglanz68, tearose

Audio Books downloads
Tutorial for downloading Audio Books. or post a new topic for a request.

Ebooks Shared
A place to share Ebook links,

Other Favourite Books from different Authors

For those interested in History
A place to discuss History, what era do you like? do you want to learn more of the Scottish History and share thoughts? Here is the place to do just that.

Film & TV series to watch online
This area is to watch Films and TV Series requested.

The following links are made using Google Drive, these need to be viewed through a PC, unless a member knows otherwise and would like to share

iTunes for Germany

Ask for help viewing links
Use this area to ask other members for help in viewing the links, they just may have the answer you are looking for. :-)

Viewing Links
The following links are made using YouTube, U fortunately my knuckles have been slapped and they are no longer available. try the other links for Google Drive

Learn Techy Fun
Have you got a tip or advice on "how to" or would you like to learn something, post it here, a member maybe be able to help. Also help for technical things on the board.

Ads and Hobbies
Have you found something interest on the web? Do you make something as a hobby? you can use this space to advertise your what yo do and sell. You decide.

Report a problem
If you see a problem with a link or you need help viewing or is you have a new link to add, click the New Topic below this post, add a title and then type your reply. Any assistance you can provide is much appreciated.

Do you have a Suggestion?

This area is for members to make suggestions on what they would like to see on the forum. Do you have an idea for an improvement? Give us a go and we will see what we can do.

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