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S3 ep11 Empty S3 ep11

Post by tearose on Tue 14 Nov - 21:48:15

General discussion thread. Chat away here. welcome

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S3 ep11 Empty Re: S3 ep11

Post by Marion1968 on Sun 19 Nov - 14:00:38

Elias.....so sad.....
very good actor.....but so sad.
Wee Jamie

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S3 ep11 Empty Re: S3 ep11

Post by OneMoreLight on Sun 19 Nov - 17:28:28

The writer(s) has/have shown such dedication to the fine details of history. The navy's uniform, respect towards the dead ... aye! salute to the writer(s)!

Elias ... a sweet young man who died too young =(

The inner battles that these 4 are fighting
Fergus: loyalty vs love
Claire: love vs oath (the soldiers are healing well, though)
Marsali: need vs respect
Jamie: would I lose her again?

Next episode is #11? The end is near ... hiaz

hmm ... there is teeny bit of error ... the Thread should be #ep10?

Wee Jamie

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S3 ep11 Empty Re: S3 ep11

Post by Shadeflower on Mon 20 Nov - 1:32:47

Excellent episode! Loved Claire's hair and head scarf.  Loved Jamie's description of love to Fergus. Elias was super sweet, and his death was so sad. Cat's acting was amazing.  The only thing that's bothering me - Jamie and Claire apart again. We spent so much of this season with them apart, and here we are again :(

Wee Jamie

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S3 ep11 Empty Re: S3 ep11

Post by berni on Mon 20 Nov - 21:39:37

Cant believe season 3 only 3 more episodes, ron moore has really adapted the book well. I look forward every week to the episode. and yes the acgting is superb, wasn't sure about Sam and Cat in the beginning, but they do bring the characters to life. I think season three is nearly better than season two, cant wait to see how seaon 4 plays out.
Wee Hamish

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S3 ep11 Empty Re: S3 ep11

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