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Post by gilliann on Sat 9 Jul - 15:10:41

Any riders or horse owners on board?

I have worked as a groom in two countries and I have had my own horse. I schooled it an we went to competitions, dressage and show jump (1.20-1.30m at home, competitions 1.1Om). I had to quit riding and sold my horse so I could study and work...

I would like to have a new horse later maybe but I'm not sure...

Here is me and Leonardo my EX-horse like in 2007-2008
Horses&riding Image12
I know so much more now haha I know there is mistakes, so please don't judge... :D

PS. I love Caitriona Balfe's riding style! She is so straight and quiet in the saddle. Position is very good. Smile
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