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Murtagh Empty Murtagh

Post by moiramickleburgh Mon 23 May - 22:21:26

I love the way Murtagh's character has been developed through the series. Duncan Lacroix is a great actor and I like watching him as much as Claire and Jamie. I was one of the people who really liked the episode in series 1 'The Search' as it made you really care about him and showed the love he had for Jamie. In the books he is portrayed very much as a 'grumpy old man' who didn't seem particularily intelligent. I felt that as Jamie's godfather he should have had more to him. Just a thought anyway

Wee Jamie

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Murtagh Empty murtagh

Post by outlanderfanwoman Sat 18 May - 7:23:32

I also love Murtagh whose name sounds to me like 'murder' with a Scottish accent! I have just reached the bit where Jamie describes his death at Culloden in the books and am so pleased to find he survives to grump another day on TV...

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