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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Last episode thoughts

Post by berni on Thu 4 Jun - 17:03:37

I just managed to watch the last episode yesterday, and although knowing
it would be hard watching, was disappointed! The brutallity of the Rape was
a bit too well depicted, they could have easy shortened that off, and covered it
with a voiceover of jaimie telling claire what happened,and where
was the hot bath, the reconcilation in the Steamy Waters under the monastry,
after Jaimie fought his demons, and came back to himself again....just to be
told I'm pregnant...with that bit missing...I was looking forward to seeing how
they bring that in. Maybe that is just my thinking. It would have been relevant
to the story of them finding back to each other after that had happened.
Anybody else miss it?
Wee Hamish

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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Re: General chat episode 16

Post by Misty Blue on Thu 4 Jun - 21:28:06

Dear All
Yes I give the highest praise for the phenomenal acting skills displayed throughout this episode.  But like the majority of my fellow Outlandions I did struggle immensely with the brutality & violence that seemed to dominate this finale.

Ideally the Production team would have focused more on Claire ransoming Jamie's soul.  For as we all know, their incredible & unique, faith, love, passion & hope, is the thread that holds everything else together, throughout the whole Outlander series.
I still cannot quite fathom out why they would shy away, from showing how Claire is the only one capable of healing Jamie's wounded soul.  For her to take this broken man, & bring him back from the brink of death & despair, that is the ultimate "powerful epic love".  And although the scene between Claire & Jamie in the last fifteen minutes of the episode, was beautiful & tear inducing.  It felt as others have stated rushed, like the Producers suddenly realised they only had "x" amount of time left to film those scenes.

I would have liked to have witnessed Claire telling Jamie of "her gift for him" in a more intimate setting, but as Diana confirmed; 'if you watch with the book in your hand, you will be disappointed'.

And that is the key factor in all these observations, the book is the book, & the series is the series.  And the only way to truly enjoy & appreciate this TV series, is to keep that thought in the forefront of your mind.  What one person views as a crucial moment in the story, someone else see's in a completely different light.

As ayrlassie (Norma) rightfully mentioned, we will always have our beloved books to go back to time & time again.  Nobody can take that away from us.  

But I have to say, even though some of my favourite scenes were not included in this first Season, either for time, the technicalities of filming them, or for financial reasons.  I am extremely glad Outlander was made into a TV Series.  And very grateful that this wonderful forum allowed me the privilege of seeing it.
Misty Blue
Misty Blue

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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Took two watchings to actually like it!

Post by AJAWilliams on Thu 4 Jun - 23:38:08

I enjoyed what Ronald D. Moore did with episode 16 but there were some parts that would have been nice to have been included. The hot springs and the part where Claire is praying were the bits I really missed in seeing the show. As it were, I had to watch it twice to actually enjoy it... the first time I absolutely hated it because of the deviations, but the second time it all made more sense. Can I just say though that Jamie's RIGHT hand was supposed to be injured, not his left. A minor, but irritating part that is still getting to me. It was such a big thing that it was 'only' his right hand and  not the dominant one. Oh well, nit picking! Great acting and a powerful episode!

Wee Jamie

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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Re: General chat episode 16

Post by connieg on Fri 5 Jun - 2:25:08

AJAWilliams, they switched hands for the TV series. Jamie is using his right hand as his dominant hand. So the fact that his left hand was injured, is OK. It would be his non-dominant hand.

Wee Jamie

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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Re: General chat episode 16

Post by Shagur on Thu 11 Jun - 18:54:48

Finally I´ve got time to read all your posts …

Sonia wrote:  
.. and I do think that (and realized through all the material I´ve read) that this episode it just be the beginning of healing and never was destined to come to the real end as it is in the book.
It is only the beginning of healing.

Dear Sonia,
I agree to you; after watching 16 I remembered Sam saying in an interview that season 1 ends in a „grey area“ for Jamie. My first thought after Jamie´s final line „Yes, I´m verry happy“ was that he definitely did not look only happy but troubled as well. Not healed himself, he´s a bit overstrained with the news…

My question to the end of my long speech here is .. if the book Outlander would have had all the other POVs – especially had showed us all the crucial details between Jamie and Jack – would I have reread this book and fell in love with this series? Would I have fallen in love with these books if the story plot would have been like the TV show? What do you think? Would you?

I cannot say. It´s not the different POVs or detailed Jamie&BJR scenes but summarized the lack of building up a real relationship between Jamie and Claire…
As I wrote, I never wanted to visualize what happened between Jamie and BJR when I read the book. Yes, it was not easy to watch it in the series, but I personally think that it was not too much. (And I´m really glad they did not portray BJR cutting Jamies chest and what followed in the book… )
To my mind, they did not have BJR torture Jamie more in a physical way (the whipping, knive-cutting and so on from the book) because the viewers already know Jamie can stand physical pain. So they concentrated on the mental torture that really broke Jamie.
One scene that disturbed me very much when I first watched ep 16 was Jamie lying on the floor prior to the branding scene. WHY did they have to show a naked man lying on the floor, I asked myself. But now I think, it´s such a impressive picture. It really points out that a huge, strong, beefy warrior has reached his limits. All because he allowed it, he agreed to it to save his beloved wife. Just a few lines from Jamie to Claire would never have shown the enormity of what he went through.

So yes, I love this episode; I miss some scenes / lines but as it is a fact that one episode is just 55 minutes long (or rather 55 minutes short), there is not one scene I would like to have them cut out.
@ Misty Blue
I am extremely glad Outlander was made into a TV Series.  And very grateful that this wonderful forum allowed me the privilege of seeing it.
I fully agree to you!!!
Wee Hamish

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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Re: General chat episode 16

Post by soniaG on Sat 4 Jul - 5:38:47

Dear Shagur,

thank you for your response! Very interesting .. I will answer some time in the future .. hope this is okay for you!

All the best and til then .. Wink

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General chat episode 16 - Page 3 Empty Re: General chat episode 16

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