Episode 401 thoughts and comments

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Episode 401 thoughts and comments

Post by LoriReeder on Mon 5 Nov - 2:19:40

I've watched it twice so far. General thoughts (other than I LOVE IT).

The intro was confusing. Cave men? Weird.

The change from book to series with Gavin was a good one. Jamie's smile - oh my - he was trying so hard not to cry.

Bonnet seemed like such a nice guy ... until the end.

Loved the exchange between Ian and Jamie about Geillis.

Jamie is so excited about Fergus and Marsali's baby. He gets to finally help raise a child.

The ring is absolutely different from the books and makes so much more sense to me. A gold ring is a gold ring - how would Brianna know it was her mother's from just a glance? But her silver ring, ahhh, now that is easily identifiable. Clair was devastated to loose it.

So looking forward to the rest of the season!

Wee Jamie

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Re: Episode 401 thoughts and comments

Post by CdnScots on Mon 5 Nov - 21:44:48

As we all know, not everything on tv has been "by the book". However, like you, I absolutely agree that the theft of the silver ring in episode 4.01 is more meaningful than the gold ring as per the book. (Maybe the loss of Jamie's silver ring will even result in a new "replacement" ring that will be more in line with the one he had originally made for her (book) as opposed to the one made from a key (tv))

The silver ring is definitely unique and will be more recognizable by anyone who knew Claire.

I absolutely loved the medical box that Jamie bought for Claire - it was exactly how I had pictured it.

Since they are already on their way to River Run, I suppose there's no John Myers, the big mountain man that was to guide them all to the plantation and eventually give Claire an opportunity to show her talents as a surgeon.


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Re: Episode 401 thoughts and comments

Post by StinaAC on Thu 8 Nov - 19:39:46

Loved it, and was so happy to finally have season 4. The indians in the beginning did not disturb me. They were to show that also in the Americas the stonecircles had a meaning way back in time.

But I hated the music in the end during the fighting at the boat. It had nothing to do with that timeperiod! It really bothered me :(
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Re: Episode 401 thoughts and comments

Post by Kathykelly on Sun 11 Nov - 18:17:23

I’m Kathy. This is as far as I can get. I am so sorry to be a nuisance. Please help, so I can join. Thank you

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Re: Episode 401 thoughts and comments

Post by Misty Blue on Sun 11 Nov - 18:52:03

Hi Kathy
I have just sent you a PM.
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Re: Episode 401 thoughts and comments

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