Photography, anyone?

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Photography, anyone?

Post by Yuneza on Mon 20 Apr - 17:21:07

Anyone interested in photography? I consider myself as a budding photographer. I like taking pictures. Not professionally but in a I-enjoy-doing kind-of-thing. How about you?

Wee Jamie

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Re: Photography, anyone?

Post by soniaG on Mon 20 Apr - 18:53:08

Hi Yuneza,

hello, we are like-minded! I do love taking photos .. just got a more or less new digitalcamera which I do have to explore and get acquainted with ..

I do love take photos mostly from daily life, nature (sky, tree, flowers .. etc.), buildings, architecture .. not so much of people!

A long time now I didnĀ“t have a real good camera .. after the starting of the digital photography I almost stopped making pictures and at the same time I stopped travelling a lot .. just used my mobile phone but this is no substitution . Wink

So, now I will discover this new camera and what it is able to do and what not .. at least I do have zoom .. very necessary for me.

Are you good in photoshop or any other photo software? This is one thing I want to learn after I am familiar with the new camera again .

Ah, I make photo while I go walking in the nature or my cooked meals - I am cooking every day ..

And you? What kind of things do you take a picture of? I am curious to know?



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Re: Photography, anyone?

Post by Banshee1970 on Mon 1 Jun - 17:55:04

I've always taken my cameras with me and since I bought my first digital SLR camera even more so.I love playing around with different settings although I always aim to get an as true as possible image of what I see with my eyes. I might tweak a bit and get the horizon horizontal afterwards or crop something out but I won't use photophop to alter my photos to something the object (mainly landscapes) did not look like. My photos are memories and are not supposed to be art.

Wee Jamie

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Re: Photography, anyone?

Post by gilliann on Sat 9 Jul - 15:16:00

I take photos with my iphone and people say that they cannot wait that I will get a real camera some day! I like landscapes and especially sunsets. I have been shooting photos like 10 years at least in different places and countries. I think it is not the device maybe so much but how to take a good shot with that what you have Wink
Wee Jamie

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Re: Photography, anyone?

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